Will a one week internship help my admissions chances?

My summer plans are really busy but I wanted to try to fit in a one week internship with a company I’m really interested in. I’m really interested in the work they do and hope someday I can make a career out of it but it will be a stretch for me to squeeze it in since I would have to fly out of state to do it. But if it will also look good for my admissions applications I will try my best to make it work. Will colleges look favorably on an internship that is only one week long or will it not matter? Thanks!

It probably won’t make much difference in admissions, but it could be very helpful in deciding your career path and building your network. Both are more important than the little if any admissions bump.

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You do EC’s because you like them and they are important to you, not because you are trying to impress college admissions committees.

I don’t see how a one-week “internship” will be advantageous to your admissions chances. It will benefit you, personally, to see if it is something you want to do. Are you sure its an “internship” and not a shadowing? Internships, to me, are work projects that benefit the employer, as well as the student.

Plus, having a laundry list of activities is not what the colleges want to see. It looks and appears “crafted”.
Do activities that you like and will benefit you.


Thank you, Eyemgh and aunt_bea. You are right. I should do it because I’m really interested in it and it will help me decide if I really want to pursue it as a career. It will help me decide if I want to spend a lot of time taking college courses in that field or not. And aunt-bea, they did say I would be shadowing someone for the week. I thought that was considered an internship. Ok, I’m going to try to do it because I’ll learn a lot and not worry whether it has any affect on my admissions chances.

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More important than anything, you will have a foot in the door with company and at least one person in your network. Setup a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one. Your odds are greatly improved at landing a job if you have a connection. Most people don’t develop those until later.


I agree with the point about deciding your career path. My D got a 6-week competitive internship at a university vet clinic the summer after sophomore year (all other participants were a year older). It was an extremely beneficial experience in developing some independence (in a safe and somewhat controlled manner), experiencing a bit of dorm life (not in a commuting distance), but most importantly she ruled out veterinary medicine!


Do the internship if it is something you want to do, something you are interested in etc.

It is highly unlikely that you will make any kind of meaningful contribution to the company in one weeks time that would change an admission decision.