Will a student getting accepted ED with full ride harm my chances as URM?

So I’m an URM from Tunisia and there are only a handful of us that apply to US colleges each year. I’d say 50 max have a chance of getting into a great university.
I want to apply EDII to Swarthmore since it’s my dream school. However, I just heard that another Tunisian already got accepted with a full ride ED. Thing is, I need a full ride too. But I doubt Swarthmore would spend another full ride on another Tunisian the same year. Does this make sense or will he have no effect on my chances?

It’s not something you can predict. They give out scholarships based on an array of factors, one of which being the diversity you may bring to the school as an international student. However, since neither you nor I am the admissions counselor, we can’t say for sure what they will give you. If you can’t afford the tuition without a scholarship, applying Early Decision is not a smart move as you can’t predict in advance if they will give you anything.

I can’t afford the tuition of any college actually. Swarthmore is known to be really generous however so maybe that will help?

URM is generally only a benefit for US applicants.

And yes, having accepted one from Tunisia means it is unlikely -but not impossible- they will accept another. For context, Harvard with an undergraduate population 4X that of Swarthmore, has 2 undergrads in total from Tunisia.


It will depend on your application, but I don’t think it’s impossible. The thing about ED1 is that it truly does give you an advantage. The other student, by applying ED1, gave Swarthmore that extra reassurance that the school was truly that student’s top choice.

Hopefully you have applied to other schools that give good FA to internationals.

It appears you developed a dream school late in this process, in that you didn’t apply to Swarthmore ED1. With respect to a strategic approach to college applications, your later application in relation to the fellow student from your country could affect you. In any case, you should know that students in Swarthmore’s CS program have encountered challenges within recent years:

As overall advice, apply to any college that you like and that matches your level of achievement and potential. You shouldn’t be deterred from Swarthmore because of an uncertain assessment of your chances there.