Will a terrible college essay ruin my chances?

I just submitted my common app to Cornell ED. After rereading my common app essay, I realized it was terrible. I had to cut out so much in order to fit the word limit that it ended up sounding really terrible, and the content isn’t that impressive either. My stats, EC’s, leadership, and supplementary essays are all pretty good, but depending on the weight of the common app essay in admissions decisions, I’m scared that they will be overshadowed by this terrible essay.

Would anyone be willing to read it and give me an honest opinion?
Cornell is my dream school and now I feel as if I have no chance anymore.

Chances are that your essay isn’t that terrible. We often can be our own largest critics. If you’d like to share i’d be happy to read it.

UPDATE: rejected ED -yes, it will ruin your chances

Probably wasn’t as terrible as you think, but yes, a terrible essay can ruin your chances. How else do you think schools feel ok about rejecting so many kids with high GPAs/SAT scores?

Given that the essay portion of the Common App is the only way you can openly express yourself, yes, having a weak essay will hurt you.