Will a "W" affect me for graduate school?

<p>I just dropped a math class that I do not need anymore because I am switching majors; however, it will show that I dropped during the 5th week. I am on the quarter system. Will this be a big deal to graduate schools?</p>

<p>One of them shouldn't affect you too much, and you can always explain it in applications/interviews. Just don't make a habit of racking them up.</p>

<p>how do you explain it? in your SOP?</p>

<p>Pfft, I better not because I've got two.</p>

<p>thank good my school allows clean drops on courses</p>

<p>I had two and I still got into a top 10 PhD program in my field. I don't think you have to explain it in your statement unless you have a lot or have a bunch in one semester.</p>

<p>I have three and I've been accepted to all of the PhD programs I applied to thus far.</p>

<p>Thank you all. Anymore comments would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I had one W on my transcript because I dropped a class I didn't need for my major that was taking up too much time. I got into my top choice for graduate school.</p>