Will AFJROTC help me enter the AFA

Hello! I’m currently a sophomore in high school and next year I have an opening in my schedule. My goal is to enter the Air Force as an officer and become a pilot, which yes I know is very complicated but I feel I am very dedicated to reaching this goal. As of right now I am working towards achieving my pilots license.

Anyways, my opening in my schedule is what I’m trying to decide what to do with. I can take AFJROTC, but I will in turn be in a lower classes unit as I had no opening my freshman and sophomore year. My question is, should I take this? And as well as will this help in any way in achieving enter the AFA, or will it help in any way if I attend a 4 year college and enter ROTC.

Look into Civil Air Patrol. It is outside of schools and IMHO has many more opportunities vs JROTC

Becoming an Eagle scout will help a lot more.

Any activity that you do can help if you show dedication and leadership. If you feel that you will enjoy AFROTC, then do it. People tend to excel in activities that they enjoy, not ones that they tolerate in order to check a box. Good luck in your quest to be a pilot. With dedication and commitment you will get there.

If you have to take a non-academic course, AFJROTC will give you some of the basics like aviation history, uniform wear, customs and courtesies, and drill and ceremony. All stuff that will help demystify your initial entry into any military program, especially Air Force related like AFROTC, Air Force Basic Training, USAF Academy and Prep School.

Are you taking 5 core courses (M/S/SS/E/FL)? If not, fill your opening with the subject you are missing.

Are there high school grad requirements that you must take (e.g., civics, consumer ed)?

If you still have an opening after taking five core courses, and making sure you have a plan to fulfill all graduation requirements, then you can take AFJROTC.

Try to earn a leadership position in a major club or Varsity athletic team. Be sure to start running and get the best grades and ACT/ SAT score you can. Best of luck!