Will an Old SAT official report affect more recent self-reported test scores?

Say I sent an old SAT official report consisting of one low SAT score from 2019 as part of the four free score reports. I retake the SAT again in Fall 2020, scoring higher in all sections, but will be self-reporting this more recent score and omitting the old score.

Will adcoms see this old official score report, even though I only self-reported my recent better scores?

The free test report shows all scores.

If you already sent it as one of the free reports from a test in 2019, yes they have it and will have it - it’s in your file with identifying information that will be linked to your application.

So they’ll have your new self-reported score and your old score from CB.

It really shouldn’t make a difference. If they superscore or take the best single sitting, they’ll only use the new one. If they require all sittings, then you needed to send them all anyway (and you should include them in the self-report so it doesn’t look like you’re omitting it).