Will another B mess up my GPA?

Hi everyone,
I took an online class of Leadership development over the summer and I got a final grade of 85.45
I’m staring my senior year. That grade will be applied to my last semester (Junior grade). Should I report this grade to my school? I believe my GPA will go down a bit, but I know that class might look good for college admissions. My last semester grades were:

Moral:Ethics 92

Eng III 80
AP Biology 81
Algebra II 78
AP US Hist 84
Psychology 88
Carrer GPA 4.11

Should I add another B in there? or it doesn’t matter at this point. I know I don’t have the best grades so anything could help.


Stop worrying about this, and report the grade to your high school. You are going to have to report it on your college applications anyway!

Where did you take the class? Typically, if you take it through the school it will be on your transcript and if you take it externally it will not. Will your school put an actual grade from an external organization on your high school transcript?

Just curious - how does your school calculate GPA?

I guess is a weighted GPA. Carrer GPA is the average of all highschool years. It is a catholic school. I took the class online with Catholic online school system, but they don’t consider your grade until you actually turn it in with an official report.
I was just wondering because my overall GPA will go down to 3.95 or something like that, but I spoke to the college advisor and she told me most schools here in Florida recalculate your GPA with only the Core classes anyway.