Will ap calc ab prepare me for diff eqations/ multivariable calc?

<p>Okay so my school messed up my schedule and now I've been placed into calc AB instead of calc BC. I would have no problem with this because I'm a junior but I really want to do an independant study of differential equations and multivariable calc senior year. Will AB prepare me for this or should I fight to get placed into BC?</p>

<p>Have you already done AB calc? Because you don't want to go jumping into BC without a background in AB. They may do a week or so of review in BC, but they're not going to cover a year's worth of calculus before diving into the BC stuff. You learn a LOT in AB, but I don't think enough to do multivariable. However, I wouldn't recommend going straight to BC. If you'd like to study ahead, talk to your teachers, but don't skip AB.</p>

<p>I have not yet taken AB. The only kids who take AB at my school are the one's who either really struggled with precalc but still want to continue on with math or just don't care about getting ahead. Everyone else goes straight to BC and most kids do extremely well. THank you though. I'll have to contact my school's administration.</p>

<p>AB will not prepare you for diff eqs/mtv calc.</p>

<p>That's very good to know. I just texted my teacher so hopefully she can get me into BC</p>