Will AP Physics Mechanics and E&M be difficult for me?

<p>Next year, my Junior year of highschool, I am planning on taking Three AP's: AP Physics Mechanics, AP Physics E&M, and APES. I am also going to take regular Econ and Spanish, and dual enroll in a local community college for math. Each class is a year long.
My question is, will the two AP Physics classes be hard for me to take? I realize that this answer varies for everyone, so I just want to say that I am very very very good at mathematics. I took Calculus freshman year and got an A+ with absolutely no effort, and I absolutely love mathematics.
With that in mind, will the two Physics classes in conjunction with my other classes be very difficult for me to take?
Thank you!</p>

<p>If math comes naturally to you, Physics should be OK.</p>