Will AP scores replace lack of subject II tests?

Think the AP scores might be a replacement for subject tests due to all cancelled tests this year?

Are you home school? I think most schools do not require subject test scores, even for some Ivies and MIT.

Actually question is for my son. He goes to regular high school and applying to just UCs and CSUs. I think for some selective majors (cs or me), two subject tests are suggested with some UCs?

The CSU’s do not consider SAT subjects or AP test scores in their application review. AP courses will be considered for HS rigor.

The UC’s recommend but not require SAT subject tests for certain majors. AP scores are also considered in UCLA’s and UCB’s application review but one does not replace the other. Showing good HS course rigor through AP courses and showing specific subject knowledge through the SAT subject tests can enhance an application but will not be detrimental to an applicant that is unable to sit for these exams.

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I want add a note to the information above. This year could be different since I have seen some posters state that some CSU’s and UC’s are requesting AP/IB and Subject test scores to be submitted. Since SAT/ACT scores are not being used for admission purposes, the schools can utilize other criteria for admission purposes.

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