Will applying to the Huntsman Program hurt my chances at the CAS UPenn?

Background: I applied to the Huntsman Program, for which I am severely underqualified. My second choice school was the CAS with a major in the same language that I indicated for Huntsman.
Did I mess with my chances of being accepted to the CAS. I’m worried they’ll judge me for not doing enough research and thinking that it was worth it to apply to Huntsman, or that I’ll be second priority compared to the people who only applied to the CAS.

Hey! I applied to the Huntsman program this year and have the CAS as my second choice as well, so i don’t know much from personal experience but i’ve heard that applying to huntsman won’t hurt your chances for CAS. First you’re considered in the Huntsman applicant pool and if you’re not selected, you will be considered in the CAS applicant pool and they say that they won’t hold Huntsman against you.