Will be a transfer student - AP Psych exam or not?

<p>Hey, so this is coming from a HS senior who is looking forward to transfer to a top school within a year or two from now. I am not planning to major in anything related with Psychology in college. But I heard that some top schools may grant AP credit to students who have a 4 or most likely a 5 on the AP exam. My question is do you guys think it's my decision regaurding whether or not I should score well on that exam? I feel like even if I get a 4 or 5, it won't do anything much for me. It'll just show that I studied and did well.
I've lost motivation my for the last year in HS and I wish to no longer work at the best.</p>

<p>Unless they've changed it, the transfer common app still asks for what scores one got on the APs. Filling that part out is "optional."</p>