Will Brown like my essay?

<p>It's already submitted, but I love hearing feedback. Topic was something I don't know how to do. </p>

<p>If anyone would like to read an essay about not knowing how to survive winter, lemme know!</p>

<p>Edit: Eh, I've already sent it in. If you wanna copy it now, go for it, you'll be found out nice and easily. It's already been read.</p>

<pre><code>It was the average start of a school day for me. I woke up, looked at my phone, and read a new text message.
“Bundle up, cold front today!”
So it appeared that the time of winter had finally hit Corpus Christi, Texas! We could stop collapsing in the one billion degree heat with the equally high humidity and enjoy some real frosty air! I looked at the thermometer and nearly punched the air in happiness at the temperature listed there.
60 degrees.

I’m starting to worry about the fact that nearly all the colleges I’m applying to are in the Northeast, because I don’t have the slightest idea how to survive winter. Now summer, that’s something I’m great at! A good eighty percent of the year in Corpus Christi is the aforementioned blistering, sticky, sweaty heat. My solution to survive has always been “get out during the worst of it.” Leave during July and August, visit family in the Northeast, and when you’re back, you’ll at least be able to brave through September and October until our pale imitation of winter comes along.
But the problem is, I can’t exactly just up and leave college to escape the cold. Summer, bless its warm heart, had the generosity to place itself right on a stretch of a two-and-a-half month vacation. Winter, the cold, frigid beast who undoubtedly has a block of ice where its heart should be, decided that the best place for it to occupy would be the end of one semester and the beginning of another, so any snowbirds who attempted to migrate South would feel its wrath decimating their GPA.
Now, this isn’t to say I’ve never been in a winter at all! I experienced a real one, snow and everything, when I lived in Quantico, Virginia. But that was third grade, and I didn’t think to take notes to prepare myself for the future, so any lessons of survival have long been forgotten. My winter coat does still fit like a glove though, by which I mean it fits squarely over one hand.
I also visited Washington D.C. during winter for Obama’s inauguration, but I feel that this didn’t very adequately prepare me for the winter either, because my mother and her friend from Boston helped me step-by-step to keep warm and the crowd of one million people did add a certain amount of heat to the setting. I considered it cheating.

When I visited college campuses this summer, all in New England and Washington D.C., one mentioned that they have a “Hawai’i Club” to help students experiencing winter for the first time. Everyone else on the tour laughed, but I was silently thanking the stars that others had thought of poor, lost souls like me.
In conclusion, should Brown accept me, know that I will know how to operate like an adult in a college environment, but I will have absolutely no clue how to turn on a heater.
Thank you for your consideration.

<p>Hmm. You took a different approach than me. I have no idea to be honest. My essay was on life and existence, so who knows which they will like better. I think it is well written, I guess we will see in April :)</p>

<p>Eh, I liked it. No idea how anyone else <em>adcoms</em> will take it.</p>

<p>Heheh, thanks guys.</p>

<p>I just decided to do an essay that was very me, because my other essay was a more somber reflection on being gay and having a Marine dad and whatnot.</p>

<p>I loved it! Good luck!</p>

<p>Winter is a very nice subject, it relates to the current world and i can see why you chose it. :)</p>

<p>So very creative.</p>

<p>Calm down on the exclamation points!</p>

<p>To be honest, I didn't find it too compelling. Advice? I guess it's too late, but for future ref: cut down on the 'to be' verbs, they really subtract from the quality of your essay. also, there's a typo: </p>

<p>"In conclusion, should Brown accept me, know that I will know"</p>

<p>it's 'now that i know', not 'know that i know'</p>

<p>^actually that wasn't a typo. Re-read the sentence.</p>

<p>A different approach definitely, but I'd say risky. I love the hint of humour present though, best of luck to you.</p>

<p>honestly, i don't think this is a great essay...
it's very nice to know about your feeling towards the weather...but~WEATHER. can it BE more generic?
doesn't say anything substantial about you at all. sorry.</p>

<p>I thought it was nice. A fun read, but nothing really substantial. If your other essay was about being gay and having a marine dad, maybe adcoms will like this fluffy humorous essay. Can't say anything for sure though, just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>Yeah, my other essay was more serious, and the essay prompt was "What do you NOT know?"</p>

<p>I didn't want to do another serious essay and come off as a pseudo-intellectual. The woman who interviewed me for Brown said I actually made a good decision, showing Brown that I'm not afraid to completely be myself in an essay, instead of trying to fluff up my personality. A big part of my personality is my quirky sense of humor, especially towards the mundane and ordinary things in life, and thats what I wanted to convey here. Even if I don't get accepted, this is the essay I wanted to write and I wrote it.</p>

<p>Hey I liked it! Good luck with getting in man :)</p>

<p>I actually did like this. While it did not necessarily tell them very much about you, your style of writing and the essay topic reveal your quirky personality and will provide a nice contrast to your other, more serious essay.</p>

<p>did you end up getting in?
just curious.</p>

<p>Did you get accepted?</p>