Will Bucknell let me enroll after the deadline?

I applied to Bucknell and was accepted, but turned down my admission because it was too expensive. However, circumstances have changed a little, and I just read an article about how Bucknell’s yield was lower than usual this year. Do you think they will let me enroll this late? I figured it didn’t hurt to email and ask but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if it would be a possibility.

Worth asking, you never know.

If you had any merit, that may no longer be available.

It may seem late, but it’s still May. Give it a go!

My son just received an email about coming off the wait list so it’s worth a shot.

@mountainmama19 where was that article?

I believe the article OP was referring to is in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I won’t link because I don’t know if that would break CC rules. You can find it with a Google search. It says that Bucknell’s class is 2% smaller than planned.

Thanks, I found it. Fortunately I work in higher ed so no paywall for the Chronicle for me…

I was surprised that a school like Bucknell, which is well-respected and difficult to get into, would fall short of its enrollment objective. Isn’t that what the waitlist is supposed to protect against?

Although Bucknell wasn’t super high on my son’s list, we visited, and he applied. The acceptances reported here were all over the board in terms of stats and my 34 ACT son applying for civil engineering was wait listed. I get it that they are building a class, but it seems in reading the Chronicle piece that instead of overbooking the airline a bit, they missed the boat entirely. My husband’s work, a less selective private LAC, seems to have fared well as he’s told me. I am really thinking location, location, location is a big deal right now and his school has a beautiful waterfront campus located close to the beaches of Newport, RI as well as 20 minutes from Providence. Students seem to be flocking to schools in locations where they can easily access a city or other activities. Bucknell is in the middle of nowhere.

So ~20 students short of Bucknell’s target for the class? I’m not sure we can infer much regarding Bucknell’s desirability from this figure alone.

I was waitlisted at Bucknell and offered admission on May 7th (after committing to Lafayette in late April). I visited Bucknell the next day (5/8). Admissions gave me the necessary time to decide - May 20th (unlike several schools that gave 24 or 48 hours) - From my standpoint, they put my interest ahead of their target admissions. AO was very open and direct regarding Greek life among other questions I had. It was the best meeting I had with an AO throughout my entire search and it only lasted 15 minutes but that meeting and my interest in the College of Management were key factors in electing to go to Bucknell. The location was not a concern for me. I plan on working in a city after graduation and am looking forward to a college residential experience.

I was offered admission at Bucknell and declined the offer. Mid May I got an email from them asking if I wanted to come and that they were holding a spot for me until May 14th. That being said, I’m attending a different university but it seems as though this might work out for you. They clearly are interested in admitting after May 1st so my fingers are crossed for you!