Will Chance Back

<p>Hello CCers, I'm sure all of you on this thread are currently busy at work on your Yale app....or busy worrying about a sent SCEA Yale app.. Regardless, I would appreciate it if you would consider chancing here. If you do, I will chance back.
Top 25 Public high school in CA,
Rank: School doesn't rank
Grades: 4.0 unweighted all four years, (4.0, 4.3,4.7,4.7) F,S,J,S (projected)
SAT: 800 M 800 CR 770 W (1 sitting, October 2010)
SATII : 740 Biology, 740 Chemistry, 780 Math II</p>

Top ten SCU Statewide Speech/debate invitational
Semifinalist at Berkeley National S/D Invitational
Finalist at National Qualifiers for S/D (didn't qualify :(, )
1st place Northern California Chinese Speech Competition
CMTANC Award 1st place Chinese Piece for Violin
CMTANC Award 2nd place overall
CMTANC Award, Honorable mention
School orchestra awards (Director's award, Most valuable Junior, both 1 per class, etc.)
National Merit Semifinalist, applying to be finalist
VOCE CA state music competition, 1st place in regional division, area representative for State</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Volunteered over 100 hours for my regional Congressman
Numerous events for National Honor Society
Co-captain of Congress for Speech/Debate
School orchestra Concertmaster (1st chair) throughout high school
Violin (10 years): I study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music every saturday for private lessons and musicianship/chamber music classes (Spend around 9 hours in SFCM every week for past three years)
Member of San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra (YO of international acclaim, We're touring Germany next year)
I got up to CM level 9 before I quit doing CM, I would put myself as conservatory status atm, but I'd prefer an intellectual career path, will be submitting supplementary recordings of Tchaikovsky violin concerto and some Bach</p>

<p>What I'm really passionate about is music, and I'm hoping to emphasize spending 9 hours each week in SF taking classes, lessons, and 4 hours of orchestral rehearsal every Saturday. I ended up giving up speech/debate for orchestra, as they conflicted on Saturdays. Although my ECs/Leadership are slightly weaker,
I'm hoping to make up for that by making a cd/portfolio of my music to send along with my application</p>

<p>Teacher Rec: Never read
Counselor Rec: Never read
Personal Essays: 1 great, 1 ...well....its not bad.</p>

<p>If you read through all of that, PM me for a cookie, and let me know to chance you back! Thanks.</p>