Will colleges consider death in family?

<p>During my recent AS level exams(11th).... My uncle passed away. I ve been staying with him for the last five years and was really devastated. I coudn't drink, eat or sleep so studying was very diffcult. Even came close to being hospitalized. </p>

<p>Will colleges consdier this at all?</p>

<p>So my grades finally arrived and I got </p>


<p>Tht D really worries me because I'm afraid that will my effect my chances at a good college.
I plan to do Chemical engineering. This is the first time I got an D. My predicted grades were all As and just a B in english.<br>
In 10th i got all As and just a B in english.</p>

<p>I want to apply to the UCs. I'm a Californian resident and also hav very good ECs.</p>

<p>Am I out of hope? </p>


<p>UCs are driven by gpa, SATs, and the point system.
Sorry for your family's loss.
You may still get in at UCR, UCSC, UCM for ChemE.</p>

<p>i assume they will keep it in mind but i doubt it'll help you.</p>

<p>You still have another year to prove yourself don't you? If you pull off As and maybe a B they'll definitely notice the deep curve and think SOMETHING must have gone wrong that year. Take down some standardized tests and they'll be even more confused.
Admissions reps are human too, they'll understand. You could even talk about it in your college essay.</p>