Will colleges get my ACT scores in time for early action deadline?

Went to register for a fall ACT date on the day that registration opened. By the time I signed up, no dates were available in my area for September. Luckily I found a testing site with seats still open for October 24th, about an hour away.

I’m planning on applying for early action to my colleges, so by November 1st. I’m worried that the colleges won’t receive the test results in order to consider them with my application. Does anyone think this will be a problem?

I’ve taken the ACT before, got a great score, but wanted to push it up one more point. Signed up for two different test dates but both got canceled due to COVID:/

Do the schools list the latest testing session they accept? Many do.

Based on past dates, the October scores should be released around November 10. This typically covers most students, though some scores are delayed for various reasons.

I would think that if applications are due November 1, with review/notification taking at least a month or two, that should be enough time.

But only the schools can answer for sure. If it’s not on their web site, you should call/email/contact them.