Will colleges verify/confirm my Activities section?

<p>I have several cultural activities that I mentioned in the Activities section of my Common App. One of them is a teaching assistant job I acquired at a fairly large Korean School in my area. I listed it as my first activity. I'm worried that some of the colleges I apply to will contact the organization I volunteered for because everyone working within the organization is not fluent in English. There is the possibility of situations arising where the language barrier leads to the organization misinforming schools on myself. To try to reduce any possibility of this, I let the chair people and executive board of the organization know that they may receive a call/inquiry about me and my work there. </p>

<p>Will colleges actually contact the specific organizations that you claim to have volunteered for, worked with, etc. that you list in the activities section?</p>

<p>I think it’s unlikely. Plus with the hours/numbers of weeks things on my common app - they are total guesses. I do not keep track of how many hours I spend doing things hahah. </p>

<p>Schools get thousands of applications - I’d eat my shoe if they called about your Korean school. If they’re gonna call anyone - it’ll be your college advisor. But even then - I think it’s HIGHLY unlikely.</p>

<p>For my work experience- I put down two weeks - but I had a family crisis for a small portion of it (my dad was seriously ill) so I missed a couple of days. I don’t think they’re gonna call up about it. They really don’t care. They have your references and stuff. That’s enough to gleam your character from.</p>

<p>It’s extremely unlikely the Korean school will receive any communication from your colleges. Don’t worry about this at all. Your volunteer position is nice and may round out your app, but it’s not critical. The things schools want verification on are the critical bits - your grades, classes and test scores, possibly state or national level awards, stats if you are a recruited athlete, that sort of thing. Even if schools have a concern about credibility of your application, they won’t be digging down into your reported volunteer positions.</p>