Will COVID likely move the ED notification date later or earlier?

I feel like it could go either way. On one hand, Tufts is speculated to have fewer ED applications this year. On the other hand, they’ve had 17 fewer days to review our applications this year because of the deadline push. I know they always say mid-December, but in recent years the actual date has varied. I’m wondering if it could be a later decision release than ever this year.

Yeah I’m not sure. I know that Swarthmore’s ED1 results came out December 1st and the deadline was november 15th. Maybe it really depends on the ED applicants this year.

Are you sure about swarthmore? My daughter applied ed1 to swarthmore this year (2020) and there’s nothing in her portal yet? Can anyone else confirm or deny this?

Hm, I don’t know. One of my classmates found out her decision a couple days ago from Swarthmore…

That was likely for Questbridge which was earlier this week. Not ED.

Update for anyone still wondering - December 15 @ 7pm! Good luck!