Will Criminal Record Keep Prospective Student Out of Message Therapy Program?

<p>Question: I am interested in going to college to study massage therapy. I have met all the requirements, but they have to run a background check. I have been convicted of 7 misdemeanors: 4th degree theft, 4th degree trespassing, 4th degree disorderly conduct, 4th degree reckless driving with no insurance, 4th degree menacing, 4th degree [...]</p>

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<p>I disagree with part of that post.</p>

<p>Stating that some states require a "clean" record for licensed professionals is misleading.</p>

<p>Most states, if not all, have what they call "barrier crimes." These are crimes that typically bar you from being licensed at all in certain positions.</p>

<p>However, these tend to be felonies and can also be mitigated by the state. These bars also tend to cover violent crimes and/or crimes involving trust. Murder, assault, abuse, theft, etc... I personally have knowledge of an LPN with a previous murder conviction from the 80s (served 10 years). The state allowed them to be licensed due to time since the offense, work done since and some other factors. The school allowed them because the state did.</p>

<p>Moreover, I wouldn't talk to the dean at all. I'd talk to the state FIRST as many schools have been known to admit students knowing that the state will not license them. Some states won't give you an answer but some will give you a definite no, a maybe or yes. If the answer is no then you have your answer, if it is maybe you have to decide and maybe take the gamble and if it is a yes then the school most likely will accept you as you have state sanction.</p>