will D3 school let a recruited athlete apply ED2?

My D got 2 positive pre reads- D3 schools:

School 1 said if she got in on her own she would have spot on the team but -no support from coach (no band/chit used).
The pre read said looks good best bet ED1

School 2 coach used spot (chit) for her (less competitive school-she could get in on her own without coaches help-probably)
School 2 less competitive and a plane ride which makes me anxious with covid and other things
The other school is a drive away (3-4) hours and more competitive.

She is scared to give up a sure thing for chance at School 1

Ideally she would like to do ED 1 to college closer and if she does not get in do ED2 to school 2

any thoughts on how to finagle ED 2 with School 2 ? She did call coach at school 1 and when he found out she was being recruited elsewhere is when he offered her spot on tem if she gets in on her own. D is also legacy at this school and does not need aid.

If the coach likes your athlete enough, AND there are spots open on the team, then they will take them in ED2. They will let you know about this…it usually only happens of your athlete is well above average, or if the ED round went especially poorly for the coach. If your student is well above average, then they will get in RD, and there is no need for EDII. Just alert the coach that your D is applying.

Yes, it can happen, but it depends on a number of contingencies. So basically, the athlete “commits” to apply ED1 to School 1 and tells coach at School 2 that they are not accepting the spot at school 2 but, if things don’t work out with School 1, they hope that coach at School 2 might still consider them. Coach at School 2 will usually hedge and say, depends on what spots are left. Now, coach at School 1 has stopped recruiting for your student’s role and coach at School 2 moves on from your student and is looking for someone else to fill that role. If coach at School 2 finds someone else who commits, that student applies and is admitted ED1, now Coach at School 2 doesn’t have a need that your student fills. If School 1 doesn’t work out, School 2 may not have a need or interest. Depending on the sport and school, there may be more flexibility in adding kids to roster. It’s musical chairs, and parents fear our kid might be the one without a chair when the music stops.

Some direct questions to coach at School 1 so that you know what the odds are – things like – how many athletes in the past 5 years with my stats were admitted on their own/rejected/deferred.

Hang in there, for D3 without likely letters or NLI, recruiting can feel like a black hole.

We recently had this conversation with a coach at a D3 school. It went exactly as @Midwestmomofboys said - Coach said they really wanted my son but they need a full roster so he can’t hold the spot. However, if the spot is still available, he’ll give whatever support he can to help in ED2.

This is one of those very specific situations, which is very dependent on the scenario. Athletes are admitted in ED2. It just depends.

At school 1, you do have a positive pre-read, but admissions assumes that you will have coach support. There is the legacy thing going on, but that only matters at schools that have made legacy an admission criterion (and often matters if the parents have donated). You should have a conversation with the coach to see if he/she will write a letter of soft support for her admission file. At a minimum, your daughter should ask what her chances for admission are without coach support, given the legacy situation. In best of worlds, the coach would ask admissions about her chances without coach support as opposed to guessing about those chances.

Then you need to have a similar conversation with the coach at school 2. Your daughter could say something like "I am a legacy at school 1, and my family wants me to attend. I have been promised a spot on the team, but the coach will not give me support. So, can you support my application in ED2? What are my chances of admission if I apply ED2.

In the end, sometimes it all boils down to information. If you can get a sense of admission chances, that will allow you to make the best informed decision.

@harrybol “will D3 school let a recruited athlete apply ED2?”
Yes, that does happen. We were told this by coaches and even saw this on visits to schools. We were taking a tour with a coach in March of Jr. Yr., there was a Sr. athlete (same sport) at the school again that was still deciding between this NESCAC and Ivy having gotten into both. The NESCAC coach was still actively recruiting them. This is probably unusual but they were somehow going to find a spot on the team for them.
I had a D/S that was a recruited athlete and applied to a fairly selective D3 school (not NESCAC, next tier down) that was recruiting him and the coaches kept in contact recruiting even after RD acceptance.
Certainly the school and the sport (team size) will have some impact on this.
From your post I am not sure of the sport or the particular school and how selective it is.
This is just my opinion, I did not like being pressured to apply ED based on sports, unless it is a very Top academic or top sports school and/or you are 100% positive this is your #1 choice even if another school came into play.
We wanted to take our time as family selecting the schools and have a few options. Cost was part of the equation for us so that may not be a factor for some. I told my D/Ss they could tell the coach their parents are making them take their time.

Based on what you said in your post, (i.e. your daughter seems to prefer school #1, she could probably get into school # 2 without coaches support, you have not seen or have concerns about the distance of school #2…), I would hold off on school #2 and pursue school #1 or still consider others.

I think that’s the best any coach can do. The coaches have to protect their rosters too, and if you aren’t their #1 choice, they are going to try to find someone who does rank their school #1.

I’ve got a bit of the same attitude as @recruitparent about a college looking to take $300K from me over the next four years pressuring my S/D to apply ED. But the opposite is also true. Your post can be read to suggest the coach at school #1 might be indifferent about your D. Your D always has to be the good cop, so at this point in the admissions cycle I would suggest a zero-room-for-ambiguity parent and coach #1 conversation. With the positive pre-read + legacy + no-financial-aid, you need to know if the coach is just failing to communicate clearly enough that your D does not need his help.

I would suggest following that up with a parent to admissions conversation for a zero-room-for-ambiguity understanding of whether the pre-read assumed a level of coach support that could change if the coach leaves her off the list thinking she will get in anyway. Be very careful in describing the situation to admissions since “he does not support her anymore,” could be misinterpreted to suggest he figured out she is a serial killer.

I’d apply ED1 to school 1. It sounds like there is a reasonable chance she’d get in and it’s her first choice. Realize, though, that if she doesn’t, odds are good she’ll be deferred and not rejected, so while she can then apply ED2 to the school she could probably get into without coach support, she still won’t know with certainty if she might have gotten into school 1.

My guess is that even if the coach at school 2 had filled his roster, he’d welcome her next year as a walk on. He might also offer soft support (which she doesn’t need.) . (This depends a bit on the sport, but at most D3 schools, some part of the roster is walk-ons. If it weren’t, the coaches would have an excessive say in what the class looked like.)

It sounds like she sees the risk of this strategy as having no offers. Based on what you have provided, that seems unlikely.

I am in agreement with @gardenstategal . I think that is a good assessment and based on what you had told us, I feel that it is good advice on how to proceed.