Will dropping a dual enrollment class effect my transcripts in college or admission?

<p>I'm was currently enrolled in a 3 credit course on Tuesday evenings through a program sponsored by a local university. Classes began on the 17th of January, but I feel as though the weight of this class upon my current high school schedule (5 AP classes and a day-time college class) would be much greater than what I originally assumed. Tonight, I sent an electronic request to withdrawal from the class, but I'm afraid this "w" will haunt me through college before I've even had a chance to begin. I didn't want to go into this course without feeling like I could make an A, but even though we've only had one quiz so far, I feel like the sheer amount of reading was too much to put on top of high school work. Also, I'd like to be prepared for AP testing and finals in May, and I realize many students catch "senioritis" by Spring. Was dropping the course a terrible decision that will haunt me later, or will dropping it now have no effect later?</p>

<p>Don't worry about this. You did the right thing. You overloaded your schedule, but fortunately you realized it in time to wthdraw. It would have been better if the adults around you had not let you enroll in the first place given everything else you have on your plate.</p>