Will ED help me at Brown?

If I am going to apply ED anywhere, it would be Brown… Would it be worthwhile for me to apply ED for Brown, as opposed to RD and EA for everywhere else? I guess what I’m saying is, would it significantly help me, considering I don’t have that great of a chance of getting in without it?

Here are my stats:
32 ACT
4.32 W 3.81 UW
Vice President of Class
Commended Scholar (likely)
AP Scholar with Honors
Dance all 4 years
Best Buddies 3 years
Unified Track
Model UN
IB Diploma Candidate

Calc AB-3, APLAC- 5, APUSH- 4, AP Psych- 4

You may have bit of difficulty

I think a good rule of thumb is if the boost from ED is helpful enough to give you a reasonable chance of admission and you can afford the likely financial aid offer, then apply. If your chances even applying ED are still not that good than don’t waste your ED spot. Looking at your stats, I’d say your chances are not compelling unless your a URM or Legacy or Recruited Athlete

Thank you both for being honest! I do not think I will apply ED.