Will Florida Atlantic University accept me (summer 2019 term)

Gpa 3.2
Sat 1010(retaking in March )
4 years varsity baseball
2 years varsity golf
1 year varsity cross country
4 APs (Goverment Pysch foundations of computer programming drafting on autoCAD)
11 honors classes
I applied early to FAU and they asked me to send in my first semester grades and they will then give me a final decsion. I sent them in Friday. What are my chances.

I don’t think it has anything to do with scores. They want to see your grades and then will decide. What did the fall term look like for you. And how does it compare to the past few years. The type of class. Ap or honors if applicable. And grade. With those details available can give you a better “guess”.

This year I took Alg 2 ( A) online AP tech design (B) liberal arts math 2 © English 4 honors (B) AP Pyschology(B) and two gym classes both As

You should be a strong candidate. Best of luck!!

You will get in no problem