Will FU Foundation of Engineering accept this?

Math IIC
Math IC

<p>as my SAT IIs?</p>

<p>They did say either Physics or Chemistry but this was decided before I got to even view their applications for the first time.</p>

<p>If not, I am not eligible at all for any area of engineering? :(</p>

<p>If the application asks for either Chemistry or Physics, then that's what you'll need to apply. Is this what you're signed up for, or have you already taken them? You can change your SAT II exams up to the day of the exam, with some exceptions like Writing and Language. There's no point in taking both Math exams. If you're applying for Engineering, take IIc.</p>

<p>I have taken them and there is no longer time to take SAT2s :(</p>

<p>No explanations will do?</p>

<p>Contact the admissions office and explain your dilemma. I'm guessing they will tell you to send your app, perhaps including a note about the exams; I'm sure they encounter applicants who may be missing one test or another. Regardless, they will be the authoritative source for this info. Good luck!</p>