Will George Washington Rescind My Acceptance?

My cumulative GPA up until this last semester was a 3.8. This semester has killed me! (senioritis got to me) and my semester GPA will probably be around a 2.5 with my cumulative being a 3.65. I’ll have like two D’s and three C’s probably. Does anyone know if this is bad enough for them to remind my acceptance? I’m super stressed and I’m trying my best to get my grades up but I only have like 20 days left. Also I’m in the International Baccalaureate Program so the Month of may is super intense if anyone knows what the IB is, you’ll understand. Anyway, please let me know!!! I’m stressing!!!

What will be your final grades? GW will probably put more emphasis on your final grade for the year not semester.

Ouch, that’s quite the drop. Is it enough for them to rescind? Don’t know- it doesn’t seem to happen very often. Do you have cause for worry? Yes. Is it likely that they’ll rescind? Probably not. I’ve always thought that a little “senioritis” can be expected, but two C’s and two D’s seems to be borderline not giving a d*mn.

Here’s a quote from an article here on CollegeConfidential:


In the end, I’m not trying to stress you out more than you already are. I just want to add a little perspective. And honestly, if they do rescind your offer, you’ve only got yourself to blame. GW wants students that are driven and committed, not ones that let off the gas when they think they’re in the clear.

Does anyone know who withdrawing from a class will affect my acceptance as a transfer student? I have been accepted but I am not sure I will be able to get anything higher than a C+ and my professor advised that I withdraw if I do worse than a B-. I’m just wondering if they would rescind my acceptance if I do end up having to withdraw from one class (maybe like a 40% chance of that happening)?

@ensnyder01 did you stay in good standing? Did you remain full-time? Those are the two important questions, otherwise you’ll just transfer in with fewer credits, but you’ll be fine.

Did you end up getting rescinded lol I’m in your position too and I’m scared

Me too, so someone help!!