Will Georgetown Be In Person Fall 2021?

My child was accepted to Georgetown 2025 and it is likely their 1st choice - assuming school reopens with On campus living and in person classes. Remote learning and especially a closed, remote campus is simply not acceptable for us and it could change the decision.

I know it’s just conjecture at this point, but what are your thoughts about the likelihood of the campus returning to “normal” for the Fall? I think the vaccine will be widespread, cases way down and we will need to learn to live with the residual impact, but will Georgetown respond swiftly or continue to be extremely cautious?

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I’m not sure. I think that online learning isn’t as good; but the risk of covid makes in person learning harder. If you’re looking for a perfect college experience with amazing facilies (gym, cafeteria, volleyball courts, like a mini utopia) probably Ivy Leagues or somewhere else would be your best bet.

Georgetown has not made an official announcement, but it’s strongly rumored that administration does NOT want another remote semester and hopes for a return to mostly full in person. There might be some slight modifications (wearing masks etc), but I think most schools will have some.

That would be great news. I agree that masks will likely be required for some time - at least indoors. Thanks.

Many many colleges opened with great success this year during the height of COVID. I would be surprised if more (including Georgetown) don’t follow.

Georgetown is planning for some sort of in-person on-campus summer experience for the current first-year class since they didn’t get to have their freshmen year experience, so that seems to indicate the administration’s confidence about being in-person in the Fall. Of course, the usual caveats about changing conditions & vaccines applies, but it seems like the administration is feeling good about the Fall.

How is it currently? Are all courses remote but students are still living in dorms?

Seniors are all back on campus and a number of students have found housing in DC/near campus, but all undergrad classes are currently virtual. They planned for limited hybrid classes for the Spring but are waiting until March for cases to go down a bit in the neighborhood