Will getting a job help with admissions?

<p>I do not have a job (it is very hard to find one right now), will that hurt my chances at getting into George Washington U or any other school?</p>




<p>Having a job won't make or break your application, but from personal experience, colleges want to see that you're involved. If you can't get a job, volunteer your time. But don't be like everyone else and volunteer at the soup kitchen (don't get me wrong, it's a great cause) but how about thinking about heading your own project with something that interests you? Your application will be one of thousands, you have to find a way to stand out.
I'm following this blog (Skipping</a> Breakfast) and it has many other topics and tips about college and it's written by real college students.
Although getting a job may not make or break your acceptance, these skills are what will keep you in:
Ten</a> Skills College Professors Expect Skipping Dinner</p>

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<p>Oh okay, I'm volunteering this summer and next semester by tutoring children at an elementary school. Also help with supplies and stuff so that should look good on my application.</p>