Will give you thanks if you look at my UC essay (Haha Happy Thanksgiving!)

<p>Hi guys! I am close to dying over this UC app (I would imagine others are as well) and I've been noticing people posting their essays for revision so I might as well! This is my Prompt 1 UC essay: Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. </p>

<p>I appreciate constructive criticism! Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Glancing back at my childhood, I think mostly of melancholic memories. After the bitter separation of my parents, my father moved to Arizona, barely able to visit me once to twice a year. My other parent was now a single mother struggling to support her child on a daily basis. From the age of eight, my life turned into a mountain of overwrought emotions, leaving me hopelessly distraught. In an attempt to keep myself sewn together, I decided to draw. Yearning for that warmth once emitted from drawing with my father, I pushed my pencil into the paper. The results were only mediocre, but I did it nevertheless. I believed that if I kept drawing, it would somehow reunite my parents. They never reunited, but as a result, art became my passion and means of perseverance through life's obstacles.
In the seventh grade, my mother took me to live in Texas with a man whom I had just met. Though I was happy for her, the life I knew had to be left behind. Each holiday, I no longer hung around with friends. Instead my free time was used to assist at my parents' print shop. Though the setting was not particularly exciting, the experience was enlightening. By working with customers I learned the true aspects of diversity; an insight into reality. One particular task sparked my inner calling, ingenuity. While designing business cards, flyers, and other miscellaneous graphics, a sudden yearning to be innovative dominated my thoughts. I began to recognize shapes and space, and thought deeply into how the audience's attention could be grabbed through art.
Since then, I have grown with a mind of dexterity and personality as design and art has taught me that there is no limit to what I can do. As a teenager, I began volunteering at art camps for children, branding district events, designing newsletters for organizations, and creating flyers and posters for my school district. I realized that with passion, anything could be accomplished.
Continuing down the innovative road of thinking, I strive to major in design. Even with my aspirations in mind, I can do nothing but remain sanguine in my family’s financial struggles. Despite the economical hardships with my parents’ business, and my father’s unemployment due to his back disability, my gratitude grows continuously with the love I have been given. With conscientious determination, I have taken on the favor to provide them prosperity in the near future.
Without my childhood obstacles, I may have never learned the value of art and design and the creative power they possess. I have gained insight into multifarious matters that will hopefully take me to the position of creative director one day.</p>