Will graduate program of Pratt accept low GPA?

I’ve forced by my family to study Information and Computer Sciences in my undergraduate years. I’m really not good at anything about Mathematic and hold too much anxiety, so I got a very low GPA about 3.0/4.0.

However I found my great interest on Industry Design and heard about Pratt. Will a student like me still have a chance to enter Pratt with hardworking on portfolio or otherthings?

I really want a second chance.
Thank you!

Your portfolio is going to be the most important part of your application for an MFA - by that point, you are working to master a major field of design so they are going to put a lot of weight on raw talent. Also, a 3.0 isn’t necessarily bad - it depends on the rigor of your coursework. This isn’t business, law, or med school so your academics other than studio work aren’t going to be all that important. Talk to an admissions counselor at Pratt to get more feedback and consider other programs as well in order to maximize your chances of being admitted somewhere for your desired field. Good luck!