Will having 2 C's on my senior transcript take away my UCI acceptance

Will they take away my acceptance because I have two C’s senior year (I took all five AP classes).

What does your provisional admission contract state about getting C’s Senior year?

This was last year’s contract and as long as you maintain a 3.0 weighted GPA for Senior year, you should be fine if the contract is the same.

**You must:

Meet all provisional requirements as expressed in this contract, and in your personalized Freshman Conditions as found in your MyAdmission account at admissions.uci.edu/myadmission.
Receive a high school diploma or equivalency.
Complete all senior year courses as listed on your application.
Maintain at least a weighted 3.0 senior year GPA in UC-approved courses.
Complete your senior year program with the same high standards you have demonstrated thus far. The following situations may result in the withdrawal of your admission offer:
a) any D or F grades in your senior year a-g courses,
b) taking courses that are less rigorous than reported on your application,
c) not maintaining UC Eligibility.

Plus, considering the whole situation, they might be more lenient this year even if you didn’t maintain a 3.0 GPA.