Will having a variety of different art in your portfolio help in admission to RISD?

I’m going over my portfolio one last time and from what I know RISD likes variety, but I’m not sure if that means I should be putting in different types of drawings ( besides the ones I already have) instead of just sculptures and 3D works (which is the area I’m most comfortable in). Anyone got any advice?

They want your portfolio to reflect on your foundation year subjects (drawing, spatial (3D class) and design). Include both your 2D and 3D artwork and make sure it’s unique! Show them you can draw but also show your skills in 3D. I’d put more 3D works than drawing if I were you because it’ll help you stand out.

Thank you!!! I’ll be sure to try and add mor 3D works to be safe, I just wanted to make sure because it seems like RISD really values variety over a lot of things.