Will having a W look bad on a transcript?

I have 2 Ws, the first one was for precalculus and the second for biology, the reason why I dropped the class it was because it was taking way too much time for me to concentrate and my flaw of time management.

One semester I end up having F because of my bad time management and because of personal issues that affected my concentration in class.

In the end i realized I didnt need to take precalculus for my degree, idk if it still shows up because is counted as an elective (and I end up taking AP I and passing with a B and that was counted as another elective).

The biology I’m currently taking and and retaking the F for chemistry (one bad semester overall). Anyways in both classes I’m doing really good. If not a A- I would get a B+.

Overall I have 2.5 but with these current classes i think I will be back at 3.0 GPA.

Will this look bad on my transcript/chances to get in to TxST?

Hi. You have posted on the Musical Theatre thread. I think you will get better responses on the general TXST thread in the forums.