Will i be able to get job with my degree

Due to life and money circumstances, I am going to be either graduate with either a degree in liberal arts studies in Computer Science or a degree in general education in information systems, it looks like. Will i be able to get any tech jobs with either of those degrees?



Go and have a chat with someone in the career services office at your college.


I don’t understand what “a degree in liberal arts studies in computer science” or “a degree in general education in information systems” means. What’s your major?

There are many, many, many jobs in tech. Only about half of them, if that, are software developer/engineering jobs. I majored in psychology and I work in tech (as a UX researcher), and I know many folks with a wide variety of majors who are doing all sorts of jobs in tech. We need people who will process payroll, keep the lights on and manage our buildings, run our marketing campaigns, design our logos and artwork and interfaces, create the music and sound design that goes into our products, manage the work across multiple disciplines, run our communications and public relations infrastructure, negotiate with other businesses for parts and supplies, lobby for us on Capitol Hill and our state government…

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I think anyone can get a tech job regardless of major. It depends on the level of tech. If you have preferably the right internship or the right skills, you’ll find a job.

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