Will I be able to handle the work? UW Industrial Engineering

I managed to get by in highschool with a 2.7 gpa. I was one of those special kids who needed accommodations and extra learning time. I was put in special math and english. I wanted to get out so bad because I thought I didn’t need it anymore, but by the time I wanted to, it was too late. I just went fuck it and pursued music as much as I can and eventually one an award from my band teacher for my dedication to music. I also took an online course in audio engineering instead of a waiver for senior year. As of right now though, I’m currently in an audio engineering class. I found it to be really easy, but then again there wasn’t much that was taught (that I didn’t know). We only talked about mic placement and shit.

2.7 gpa in highschool. Only took Material Science and Biology. Biology passed with a ‘P’, even with ‘Biology Lab’, and Material Science with a D or something, even with help.

I want to learn more about industrial engineering because I think it’s my calling. I’ve always found it intriguing learning how systems work together, and what ways we can improve on them. I want to be successful. But I’m so fucking overwhelmed right now. I thought it would be a piece of cake, if I were to just get through community college, but i’m so worried that I will crash and burn.

I’m signed up for Introductory Algebra in Jan.

Here is the ISE course http://www.washington.edu/students/crscat/inde.html

I have ADHD

You would still need to take all the initial math (calculus, differential equations, etc. ) and science (physics, etc.) that any engineer takes to get a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. It would not be easy . Good luck with algebra in your January class.

Thanks! Any successful adhd’ers?