Will I be accepted with my scores to UPENN or Princeton

I am the international student from developing country in Middle Asia( ex USSR member country)
I need a college with financial aid , cause the annual income of family is less that 10 000 .I wanted to apply to UPenn to early action but they can provide aid only for 45 students of about 1200. I am not sure that with my score I will be one of them .
So the scores are:
1270 for New SAT ( 700 for math . 570 for EBRW )
730 for SAT Physics
My GPA is 4.9
Also I will take the IELTS, the predicted result is about 6.5 - 7.5
There are only 5 colleges that have need-blind policy for international students. I am thinking about Princeton, but I think that my scores are too low. What is my chance in Princeton as early action or should I still apply for UPenn.
Plz help

You need to rethink this and search for schools that, while on paper would be need aware for international students, would be more compatible with your scores. These schools may still meet your need if they accept you. In terms of Penn and Princeton, your chances may be, quite honestly, 0% and 0%.

Do you have an unweighted GPA, or can you tell us your actual grades? A GPA of 4.9 doesn’t mean anything at all (for many of us this is not even a possible GPA).

Penn and Princeton are two of the hardest schools to get accepted to. International students especially - some countries only send ~2-3 people to these schools. Add financial aid on top of that, there is no guarantee of acceptance, let alone financial aid that will completely satisfy your current need.

To be completely honest, 1270/1600 on the new SAT is far from what Penn or Princeton accept. You would need to get that score to 1400+ at the very least to be competitive as an international student. With your subject tests - there are people with less financial need that are very qualified with subject test scores of 750+. As @merc81 said, your chances at any of these schools is very low, possibly even 0%.

There are plenty other schools that have scholarships/meet financial aid that would better suit your grades. These universities you have chosen will be extremely difficult, if not impossible for you to get into based on your grades. If you have astounding extracurriculars, then your chances will be higher, but your grades still have one of the biggest impacts.

Good luck.