Will i be competitive for stanford?

<p>well here are my stats ... i guess so far......
Science H</p>

Science II /BIology honors
German II
World History honors
English II

AP US hist (probably get an A maybe B)
AP Calc (Definite A)
AP English (A or B)
AP Econ (defenite A)
Chem H (probably B maybe A)
Germ 3 (defenite A)
Robotics (definite A)
(planning on mostly A's and maybe a B or two!)</p>

<p>GPA : ~4.4-4.6</p>

<p>SAT I : 800 Math 620 Verbal .1420.. plan to retake it..
SAT II s: haven't taken yet but probly in the 700-800 range..... maybe high 600 on writing....</p>

jobs : teacher....taught programming/robotics to 4/5 grades over the summer...</p>

<p>Robotics :
This is huge.... been in it 4 years.... we do all sorts of engineering related stuff building robots around the FIRST competition... programming C, cad, autonomous control of robots, we design transmissions etc.. </p>

<p>i've made a crap load of stuff on my computer.... PID algorithm.... 3d games, etc.... i've made lots of programming stuff, and also i've programmed my own game, done 3d animation.... 2d artwork 3d artwork etc..
I also design and build Remote control jets/airplanes..... won the science fair etc... </p>

<p>I'm a JUNIOR! can i ever hope of getting in to stanford.... have i screwed up too bad already etc... etc... thats what i'm getting at....
I want to go into ENGINEERING ! YAYA...</p>

<p>i'm a jr too but i've had a friend who got 1600s on sat i, had amazing ecs, 800s on physics and math, and still didn't get in last year and he applied early. stanford's really tough so you should def. get your sat iis done by this year and more eCs!!</p>

<p>i heard Eearly decisions even harder..... yeah i 'm getting those SAT IIs done then its study study study for the NEW sat..... lol.... goals : 800 Math IIC , 700+ on the Writing ( i don't kno if it'll happen ... gotta take practice tests :( :( )
also i screwed up freshmen year and got like 3 Bs 1st semester.... is that gonna hurt alot....
how good were his EC's
i'm thinking that Stanford just uses SAT scores to eliminate candidates... i don't think they really care if you got 1450 or a 1600 etc.... cuz u can prep for those tests and what not... lol.... unless there are identical candidates and one has a higher sat score.... etc..</p>

<p>as long as the three b's didn't bring down your final grade (b/c i think it's the final grade that matters for gpa)..my friend had a really high gpa (4.1 unweighted 4.33 being a+ and 4.0 being a) and was leader for a committee in Model United Nations, volunteered alot for his church, did alot of computer stuff, and many more that i forgot. stanford is so tough :(..so is mit :(...come look at my stats too if you have time. <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=4134%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=4134&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>yep.... semester is part of the final grade (goes into ur cumulative GPA calculation...) .... are they really THAT harsh... jeez..... i mean one of them was a honors sci class.... another was an elective... and then one in English.... altho i have an excuse : i missed a whole quarter of school loL!</p>