Will I be competitive for Vandy?

<p>I'm thinking about RDing, might ED II
I know that nobody can accurately predict someone's chances, but based off your knowledge, do you think I will be fairly competitive for admission (do I have a decent shot)?</p>

<p>Male from a rather well respected prep school </p>

<p>ACT: 33</p>

<p>SAT II: 770 US
730 Math I</p>

<p>UW GPA is like a 3.7ish, weighted is just under 4.0 (like 3.98ish). Past students who have applied from my school have went RD and their weighted GPA was similar and similar test scores, but all of them were waitlisted. I feel like my ECs are pretty good and unique though. I also had a weak freshman year (two Bs) but since then I've had all As and A-s. </p>

<p>I have 6 APs and 6 honors (can't take H until sophomore, APs until Jr year)</p>


<p>This summer I had an internship in a European government for a month where I shadowed a politician (2nd in charge of party) answered phones, took notes on meetings, and actually attended some meetings along with writing Press Releases and speeches for bills etc. It was a great experience, and unique as there were no other HS students there. I know they might not care where it was, but I think this is pretty unique. I'm also applying to volunteer as an intern with a senator for volunteering on his campaign. </p>

<p>Track (Indoor and Outdoor)- about 16 hrs a week- every year (dec 1-June 10ish)
-I've won some awards like conference champ, all-star, state competitions and national competitions, and have placed high at state HS meets and Northeastern regionals (some D1/D3 schools want me, but not duke or nd)</p>

<p>Student council-3.5 years about 1.5 hrs a week and Im a committee chair</p>

<p>GAA Club Founder and captain- 2 years- Irish football and hurling 3 hours a week in the fall</p>

<p>School fan club founder and pres (Jr and sr years) Few hrs a week</p>

<p>200ish hrs of volunteering, mostly with special needs children

<p>Internship at colligate summer baseball league (I'd do set up, get money, etc) for 2 years (12 hrs a week in summer)</p>

<p>Lead writer for yearbook for the above baseball and edited it too- 3 years</p>

<p>Mowed lawns every summer for a few hrs a week- It was my own little company- nothing too impressive I know but it is something</p>

<p>Intended majors: Econ and political science</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Vanderbilt has become very hard to predict. Your grades and ec's look good. You should be very proud. I have two sons at Vandy and you are in-between them academically. You defiantly improve your chances with ed but only do this if you are certain Vandy is for you and you don't need to find out your financial package first (Vandy is generally pretty generous). Best of luck and given your academic performance in HS I'm certain you will end up at a great school even if it is not your first choice.</p>

<p>Alright thanks for your imput!</p>


<p>the o dad, if you are accepted ED but end up not being able to afford it because the fin aid wasn't enough, I believe you are able to back out of the agreement.</p>

<p>patriotsfan, what was your SAT CR? ED would definitely help you. Overall, you have a shot, especially with those ECs, so definitely apply! </p>

<p>What was the Government you interned for? definitely mention that</p>

<p>sorry suzy I'm pretty bad at typing on the ipad and thanks zamar, I focused on that in my essay so hopefully it ends up showing my interests.</p>

<p>Zamar18 You are correct about being able to back out for financial reasons. However applying ED should not be done lightly as the agreement is meant to be binding.</p>

<p>I may be late commenting on this, but Vandy will only accept backing out "for financial issues" if its a SEVERE financial problem such as parent just lost job or declaring bankruptcy or something. If its just "I'd really prefer not to pay this much for college and someone else offered me better." They won't take it.</p>

<p>Ya that's what most colleges say. I'm not applying for FA though.</p>

<p>That's not true at all, a college cannot force you to go there if you are uncomfortable with the cost; how absurd to think so! </p>

<p>Check this NYTimes article on the matter:
The</a> Case for Early Decision - NYTimes.com</p>


<p>You’re</a> In. Can You Back Out? - New York Times</p>