Will I be okay?:(

<p>This is my first in my CC and I just check my grade. I took total 17 units and got 2B and a C in
(I took some classes when I am in high school so my over all GPA now is 3.3..)
My grandfather pass away in the beginning of the semester, so both my parent went back to Asia to take care of everything. Even though I try my best, but since English is not my first language and due to family loss I become the one that need to take care of everything and my younger brother.
I want to go to UCLA or UCSD. Do I still have a chance ? :((</p>

<p>"Fall 2012 is my first semester " sorry my mistake</p>

<p>What’s your major?</p>

<p>Upward trend! Start boostin’ that gpa. Get TAP certified if ya need that extra boost too.</p>

<p>@art2CS I was thinking about biz/Econ but now I will have to change to other major… Any suggestion??
@SFtoLA I will try my best to get As for sure, everything is back to normal now, and I can once again focus on my study again! And unfortunatly my CC does not offer TAP…</p>

<p>If Fall 2012 is your first semester, you have Spring/ Summer/ Fall 2013 to boost it. Defenitely doable! I had a 3.0 my first semester and now I have it up to a 3.6. Could’ve been higher had I not messed up but no complaints here. Hoping the best for ya!</p>

<p>For UCLA biz econ you will need around a 3.9…so yes make sure you ace all your classes from here on out. UCSD is not impacted and I think the admitted gpa is around 3.5-3.6?</p>

<p>You can easily bring your GPA up, but you can’t get any more C’s or B’s. Try your hardest to get those A’s. It’s easy once you change your mentality about school! Don’t forget, only A’s.</p>

<p>P.S. Try your hardest and got those A’s!!!</p>

<p>@SFtoLA Thank you!! I will certainly keep my GPA up and Best Wishes for you too!
@emprex I know that you will need around 3.9 to get into biz Econ … I am thinking about going to a different major any suggestion?
And for UCSD I will do tag so hopefully I can get in~
@mermaker thank you for that confidence boost, I really need that :slight_smile: I will try my hardest for sure and hopefully I can find some volunteer to make up for the bad grades~</p>