Will I be rescind because of my senior year grades?

<p>I used to have a 3.5 unweighted....</p>

<p>My senior year grades for the whole year will look like:</p>

<p>Gym: A
International Business: A
Chamber Orchestra: A
AP Euro: B
AP Stats: C
Physics: B
AP English: B
Spanish 3: B</p>

<p>do you guys think I should be ok?</p>

<p>You only have one C and it's in an AP class. You'll be fine. You really have to f**k things up to get your admission rescinded. All you really have to do is graduate and avoid failing anything.</p>

<p>good job in gym tho.</p>

<p>what if i get
human anatomy Honors- C
Calculus AP - B
Studentcouncil A
lifting- A
Econ honors- C</p>

<p>browndawg9: Relax. Like Hepstar said, you have to really mess up to get rescinded - we're talking (multiple) D's and F's.</p>

<p>Just making sure.. UCLA rescinded 73 kids last year.</p>

<p>NYU admission officers told me to "maintain the same excellence" and that "all final transcripts will be reviewed". </p>

<p>I'm getting kind of nervous, I had a 3.7 unweighted for midyear report. </p>

<p>International Business - A
Gym - A
Chamber Orchestra: A
AP Euro: A --> B
AP Stats: B --> C
Physics: A --> B
AP English: B
Spanish 3: A --> B</p>

<p>stressed0ut -</p>

<p>living up to your name, I see...</p>


<p>wow stressed0ut i wish i had your grades lol. </p>

<p>i got a 4.0 first semester but I think I'll end up with a </p>


<p>which is exactly a 3.0, I guess 3.0 is solid but I am really worried about the D.
(I'm not sure about some of the grades, so I might be in the 2.7-3.2 range)
It's my first and only D in all of high school, my overall GPA in HS was a 3.6 WGPA 4.3 with lots of APs.</p>

<p>do you guys know NYU rescinds scholarships? I heard some schools rescind scholarships if you slip and rescind acceptances if you really mess up.</p>

<p>hahah what'd you get a D in?</p>

<p>ok, it really depends on what school yur school yur gonna go to. i know uc schools require that u have a 3.00 weighted gpa, but no D's. C's are ok, as long at 3.00 weighted. my best friend had a 4.5 gpa last semester, and got into irvine, but now, the last semester of senior year, he dropped to as low as a 0.83. he had 1 A, and 4 F's. but he got it up to a 2.00 right now, so im hoping he makes it to irvine. so unless u f*** it up like him, yur fine.</p>

<p>yea i have a 3.0 unweighted, its not even the GPA that I'm worried about, its the "D." It was in AP Stat haha which is ridiculous because I had an A in it last semester and I even took AP BC Calculus last year. I just basically ended up not going, btw do colleges also see your absences?? What do you guys know about scholarships, in terms of rescinding</p>

<p>"What do you guys know about scholarships, in terms of rescinding." </p>

<p>Generally you'll lose 10% for every .1 drop in your HS GPA.</p>

<p>^ That seems really harsh... what if you drop from like a 3.8 to a 3.7? or even a 3.6? That kind of drop can happen without even getting one C or all Bs... As and Bs can make it drop that much. But I'm new to the whole college thing, so whatever.</p>

<p>im pretty sure he was being sarcastic</p>

<p>wow that was jacked up.</p>

<p>So, as long as we don't get below C's in any of the classes, we're fine? </p>

<p>I think I'm in for 3 C's, rest all B's. </p>

<p>Does any of you suggest me writing a letter to explain? There were many family problems, and I started taking classes, 6pm-10pm every weeknight, at a local community college.</p>