Will I be rescinded from UCLA

I got accepted to ucla as a transfer for pre-cognitive science. One of their major prep requirements is physics, but its optional. To satisfy one of the subcategories for the major, i can take either linguistics, chemistry, or physics (which i choose classes that range from introductory physics to calculus-based). i took calculus based physics and might end up with a C. I know i have to report Cs in major requirements. Will i be rescinded in this case? even if that major requirement was optional and I could just take another to satisfy that category?

What does you admissions contract state? You probably need to pass all courses in-progress with a C or higher? If so, then you should be fine just do not let the C grade get any lower.

yea i need a c or higher in my major prep classes for the major

i need to report Cs in major prep classes

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