Will I be unable to get into Oil and Gas engineering major (my lifetime dream)?

<p>I'm currently a student with an offer from the university of calgary for the first year in engineering. I'm dreaming of becoming a petroleum engineering but I was shattered when I saw that the university has set aside quotas for each engineering major and oil and gas engineering only had 40 positions reserved. This a very small number,because there 630 students in the first year batch. This means only around 6% of positions are reserved for my desired major. </p>

<p>Students are asked to offer there choices and in case if a major is demanded by more students than in the quota,the priority will be givent to students with the highest first year GPAs.</p>

<p>Do you think there wiil be a lot of demand from students for Oil and Gas (because Calgary is the centre for the canadian oil industry)?</p>

<p>Will I find it difficult to get into this major with my moderate academic standing?</p>

<p>Guys please give me a good answer. I'm greatly depressed, because I feel my dream of becoming a petroleum engineer is totally destroyed.
Guys please give me a good answer.</p>

<p>There are different ways to get into oil and gas if you don’t get the gpa.</p>

<p>1) If you love petroleum engineering, transfer into a different college.</p>

<p>2) Get into petroleum through a different major: Mechanical for design and manufacturing of components, chemical for treatment (refining), or Geosciences for geological mapping.</p>

<p>3) Study your ass off now and get that gpa. If you really want to get into petroleum engineering, you’ll need a strong work ethic.</p>