Will I get accepted into RISD

Hi, I’m a senior at a high school in Bermuda and want to go into an undergraduate degree for architecture at RISD. But I don’t know my chances of getting accepted as I’m international and my Ap scores aren’t too good.

I have a GPA of 3.84 and an SAT of 1310. I am taking 3 Ap’s this year, all predicted 4’s.

I am not applying early decision to any school, RISD being my main choice, but also applying to Parsons, Pratt Institute and Cooper Union.

I do not want to post my portfolio, but if I don’t get a clear answer I will. It’s a mixture of all media and techniques, showing a lot of my process and how I develop.


  • Vertical Farming club
  • Eco Club
  • Yearbook club, senior photographer
  • Senior Prefect

Extra information:

  • I created, organised, made, and worked alongside the government on my own Nationwide Bermuda Sculpture exhibition, creating a public showcase of ever school’s designs along with mine.
  • I designed and created a series of wheelchair accessible rabbit hutches for a local charity and farm.
  • I go read with children in grade 2 at a school, helping with their literacy skills.
  • I won a UK national competition allowing my work in the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

Any help would be great!

Risd looks at your portfolio and hometest above all else. It is hard to judge based only on your stats but i will say they are above average for risd. I would worry more about your portfolio than your grades and extra curriculars. I got into risd and parsons early so let me know if you want me to look at your portfolio/help with anything else!