will i get accepted to cockrell?

<p>im comin up to be a junior in houston tx
-havent taken my satII in math yet
-but ive always gotten 97+ grades in my math and science classes
-on every practice sat and act test ive taken, ive narrowed down the incorrect on the math/science part to 0 to 1
-ive been interning/doctor shadowing at a local hospital at about 150 hours
-summer before senior year, i'll intern at a local engineering company (hopefully fluor)</p>

<p>based on what ive done, and will do, do yall think i have shot at getting in to their engineering program? (either biomed, petrol, or chem)</p>


<p>If you've only finished your sophomore year, there's not a real way of telling if you'd get in since in the next year or two, a lot can change. Most important are your GPA, rank, and SAT/ACT scores since those determine your chances of getting into UT as well as the school of your choice. You'll be taking the PSAT in junior year and if you do well on that, that could boost your chances significantly. You won't know your rank til mid senior year, and that as well as GPA, can easily fluctuate based on what classes you take and how well you did in them, what classes other people at your school take, and how your scores with them compare. Your shadowing and potential interning experiences are great as ECs, but you'll need definite academic scores first to be able to tell if you'll get into engineering at UT. You still have time so just make sure you're doing well overall in your classes and get some ECs in. And enjoy high school too! Best of luck!</p>

<p>For BME you're gonna need at least a top 1-2% rank and 1500+ (CR/M) SAT to be safe. EC's will help but those 2 things are what they really focus on at UT. i don't know how selective petrol and chem are but they are less selective than BME.
Have you taken the PSAT yet? Do you know your current rank?</p>

<p>yeah ive taken the psat and got a 197. im taking it this fall and am striving for around 210.
ive taken a practice act and got a 31.
and my rank is about 17/515</p>