Will I get accepted to FSU?

<p>Hey everyone.
I'm a junior now and a Florida-native currently living in Asia (father's job). My GPA is 3.7 unweighted as we don't weigh GPAs at my school, but my whole junior year I have taken all IB classes. My ACT score was 29 (I only got one wrong on the writing section, lol, but I got a 23 on the math section) and my SAT was 2020 (CR: 690, M: 620, W: 710). I plan on taking two SAT II's next year, in Japanese (I got 650 on a practice test) and World History. I participated in my school's AP World History Club last year (we don't offer AP classes) which met after school and on weekends and got a 4 on the exam. I volunteer weekly with my school's Pre-K class and volunteered in 1st grade last year. I've been on my school's varsity volleyball team since I was a freshman and participated in Model United Nations this past November. I've been on the yearbook staff since my freshman year and I tutor two elementary girls in English twice a week and teach a middle-aged woman English on Sundays. I was inducted to NHS this year and received Outstanding Achievement in English, History and Technology last year. I think that's about all I've done, haha. Please let me know what you think my chances are of getting in. Thank you!</p>

<p>Good chance. Apply EARLY(this means as soon as the application cycle opens in August).</p>

<p>Thank you for your input! I was wondering, why is early application better than normal?</p>

<p>NO chance of NOT getting in ^_^</p>

<p>Good luck natsuaki!</p>

<p>Woohoo! Another overseas high schooler :)</p>

<p>Thank you, satscholar!</p>

<p>and yay torioreo! where do you live? :)</p>

<p>Applying early helps with your admission chances and for whatever other benefits you may receive. Late applications practically guarantee you'll be passed over.</p>

<p>You pretty much have a 100% of getting in. Definitely use as a backup, and maybe apply to university of florida as well...better school</p>

<p>"better school"</p>

<p>Really...? I'm not saying I agree or disagree, but you already know what statements like this lead to.</p>



<p>I would like two minutes for rebuttal, but at the risk of completely derailing this thread, I will refrain from doing so. Please stay out of the Florida State forum with your garbage.</p>

<p>At Nassuaki:
Your numbers pretty much guarantee that you will be offered admittance, but applying early gives you a much better shot at scholarships and honors. Plus, if you apply after the middle of October, you won't get your decision until March, and you will get a crappy housing priority number.</p>

<p>Germany! :)</p>

<p>Yes, definitely apply for the first deadline--I applied second deadline, because at first, I thought I'd get into UF, but then gave it some more thought and decided to apply to FSU (because I'd heard good things about it), and finally UCF as a backup (didn't really want to go there, but it was a good backup school). Turns out, I got rejected from UF, accepted to UCF, and on March 17, accepted to FSU! I immediately put in housing, literally right after I found out my acceptance (I checked 2 hours earlier by looking at my tuition deposit $$ due, and found out) and got a housing priority number of 5159!! I was pretty upset, but it was because I hadn't applied first round and had a chance to get better numbers. Luckily, I applied to living learning community and got into the one I liked the most, so I get a nice dorm :) Ohoh, and definitely get into FSU honors...your ACT and SAT scores are high enough! If they don't send you an invite, petition!! That's what I did, and I got in! All in all, it was great that I got denied from UF, because now I have an FSU LLC and Honors! If I still want to be a vet, I'll have to transfer there, but we'll see if I still change my mind in the next 4 years ;) </p>

<p>Oh, and some more advice! Check out the scholarships that are offered on base (you go to school on a base, right? or international?) Either way, there are plenty of scholarships to apply to! and you're a Florida-native, so definitely apply for Bright Futures; you'll get the highest award! I've won $4000 in local scholarships and Bright Futures is a little over $4000 towards tuition per year (85% of tuition for the highest award), and FSU will give you aid! I have more money than my first year requires, and apparently (I didn't find this out until I asked the question here a few days ago) the extra money gets deposited into your bank account! How awesome is that?! Good luck, and hope to see you next year!! :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the opinions and advice everyone! I'll definitely apply early. sorry to ask a seemingly obvious question haha, but what exactly does having honors mean? </p>

<p>Torioreo- I'm at an international school in Japan, so no base scholarships here, but I'll be applying for Bright Futures when we move back. Congrats on getting in and on the scholarships :)</p>


<p>I expect this whole board to be fluent in Japanese by the time you arrive at FSU</p>

<p>Gotta teach us Japanese, Tomodachi</p>


<p>satscholar, I'd be happy to teach you Japanese :)</p>

<p>another question:
I would love to do a double major in Literature and Film, but I know FSU's film program is both outstanding and highly competitive. I know I may not get in because of my lack of experience (everything I've done has been school-related) but I was wondering if my SAT and ACT scores could save me? :) thanks in advance.</p>