Will I Get Accepted?

<p>Hi I am applying to UCF for fall 2011. I didn't do as good in high school as I should of & that shows on my transcript. I have taken some classes in college but I would like to transfer to UCF. Is the high school transcript a big factor in getting accepted? I am afraid that will ruin my chances even though i've done pretty good in college so far. Do they call or notify your high school somehow to verify everything on the transcript & do they accept explanations for some of the things on it? I am afraid my old counselor might put in a bad word or something for me since she didn't think I was a good student in high school, but I am much better now. My SAT score wasn't as high as many people who get accepted, but my gpa is good.</p>

<p>I assume that since you're already in college your high school counselor would have nothing to do with your admission into UCF, or the transcript process for that matter. </p>

<p>Since you're hoping to come into UCF as a Transfer student you'll need to send your high school transcript IF you don't have 60 credits or more, or if you haven't received your A.A. yet. Without those 60 credits or A.A. you'll have to abide by the Freshman application requirements which means you'll need to provide your SAT/ACT scores, HS diploma, and your transcript from your college courses as well. That could hurt you if you didn't do as well in HS as you wanted to.</p>

<p>How many college credits do you have right now?</p>

<p>Right now I have 15 credits from the spring semester, but I will have 30 by the beginning of june because I am taking some online and independent study courses & those will be done by then so I'll have the grades & credits. I have all a's & b's in those classes too. Will this help? I can show proof of the diploma, transcripts & everything else. I am applying as a transfer the deadline is july 1st so i'm waiting to send these grades over with my others. I'm worried because my friend said that her college in vegas called her high school & spoke with her counselor to verify & also to see what type of person/student she was & that messed up her chances because of whatever her counselor said so she didn't get into the college.</p>

<p>You need 60 credits to be considered transfer. I am afraid that you won't get admitted. Did u send the appl already?</p>

<p>Yes I sent the application already & I am going to send my grades to them beginning of june..I thought you could apply as a transfer with less than 60 credits? Other universities let you do this</p>

<p>UCF</a> Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer Applicants
If you have fewer than 60 credits you will be judged like all of those who are just coming out of highschool. But yes, it looks like you can apply as a transfer.</p>

<p>ok thanks guys i'll just wait to see what happens hopefully I get in this is my dream school</p>

<p>I wouldn't stress about the counselor issue. Go ahead and send all your information over (transcripts from HS and college, SAT/ACT scores) and see what they say from there. I hope everything goes well for you.</p>

<p>have you heard anything back?</p>