Will I get accepted?

<p>I'm trying to get to Virginia Tech, but up until my Jr. Year, I've done worse than... in
my Freshman and Sophomore year, I got 2.8 for each year. Only in my Jr. year did I jump to a whopping 3.95 from a 2.8 giving me a GPA of 3.3. (I'm going to my senior year and I'll probablly do jsut as well as my Jr. Year)
My SAT's were mediocre also, but each time I took my SAT's I got better. I'm planning on getting at least a 1400. I'm also probablly the best in my city at Piano and I'm an IB student so....</p>

<p>If I focus my progress, do you think I have a chance at getting in?
If not, do you know of a Virginia College good for Computer Science and Astronomy that I can get into?</p>

<p>Crap no responce....Does that mean that I can't get in?</p>

<p>1400 for all three sections?</p>

<p>Math + Critical reading.</p>

<p>I don't think colleges care about writing.</p>

<p>If there were extenuating circumstances that would account for your lower grades freshmen and sophomore year you might have a better chance but for now I'd say your chances are pretty slim.</p>

<p>I just wasn't interested in anything until my jr year. It fealt sorta like depression, but I never went to a doctor to get checked.</p>

but, I'm looking for a campus college.</p>

<p>How are my chances at George Mason?</p>