will i get admitted at university of waterloo for computer science(co-op)?

I am kalyan.
I am a 12th standard student from india.
I have applied for computer science in waterloo and im very inrested to go to waterloo after knowing about it but im not sure if i could get into or not…i have lot lot questions to get clarified ill mention as many as possible …please spare some time to answer whatever you guys know which could help my future to get brighter…

1.Do i have a chance to get into waterloo CS(co-op) with my grades?

My grades:
10th standard:9 grade points out of 10 (subj individuals:1st language-9 points,english-9points,maths-9 points,science-9 points,social sciences-9 points) which in percentage goes between87-90(let it be 87%).

11th standard:424 out of 470 marks(french-97/100,english-91/100,maths-130/150,physics-54/60,chemistry-52/60) with a 90%

my 12th mid term(predicted)-448/470(french-99/10,english-95/100,maths142/150,physics-57/60,chemistry-55/60)

i have gave an average AIF with lot of extra curriculars but none of them were not even state level…all of them are from school level and district level…so i dont think my ecs will be valuabel(however i have touch in all types of ecs like singing,skating,swimming,cricket,soccer,tennis,running races)
and i have also mentioned about the c++ and java courses i have learnt in my holidays time…

2.here in india we dont have a special mathematics paper for calclus as it is a part of the paper with all the others like geometry,trignometry etc…so what do i have to do now?should i explain them regarding it?

3.it is mentioned in the website that students should apply and send transcripts by feb 4th to be considered under earl admission…so will i be given admission under early acceptance,if yes do they consider m 12th marks after they are released(later in may)…i mean will there be any target for me to get more than 90% or mid marks?

4.is it really difficult for an average student like me to pass the waterloo standards after getting admitted?do we really have to be a book worm?(i have seen many reviews saying many fail out and take the courses again and again)

5.i dont undersand what is co-op in real?what i know is we get a work in some company on apid basis after 1st year,what soes it mean?should we go for work everyday after college hours?how many hours can we do co op work per week?if we are in co-op work wont we be permitted to do normal part time jobs in resturants or on campus part time?

6.do waterloo have good scholarships?will i be able to get scholarships?ive heard that schulich leader scholarship given by uni calgary is the best one…am i elegible for it?

7.what is meant by electives?

8.i want to do bussiness degree with my cs degree but i have applied for just cs degree in ouac application …can i still do bussiness degree with cs degree after getting admitted?

9.apart from cs i have also applied for aviation and sciences in the waterloo…is it a good choice?does it have good jobs?

if someone can take a special care on me explaining all these personally can just msg me at “https://www.facebook.com/kalyan151098

thank you in advance