Will I Get AN INTERVIEW!!!!!!!

<p>Let me get this straight. My stats, extracurrculars, and test scores can only go so far as to give me an interview. From there my acceptance depends solely upon how I perform in the interview. Is this right?</p>

<p>Will these stats give me an interview:</p>

<p>SAT- 1480- 720v, 760m- should i retake this</p>

<p>SAT IIs- November</p>

<p>Grades/Transcript- 1/1063, biggest high school on the eastern US</p>

<p>EC's- President of Science Club
President of Political Science Club
Founder/Captiain of Math League
Science League- Captin of Chem II team (11th grade)
Captain of Bio II Team (Present)
Writer for local newspaper and school newspaper
Red Cross Volunteer (75 hrs. around appplication due date)
Hospital VOlunteer (arouind 75 hours.)</p>

<p>Oh, and what type of Ecs are they looking for. SHould I volunteer more in the hospital?
And if you need more detail just tell me!
And can u please elaborate on the deadlines for this program?</p>

<p>Thanx a bunch</p>

<p>depends on school. some schools will continue to look at stats and value interview, some schools will discard stats once you are in consideration for interview, and other schools such as Brown do not offer interviews</p>