Will I get ANY federal loan? (EFC = $40k)

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>Last year my EFC was $0, but this year, after marrying to my husband who has a high paying job, my EFC became $40k and my cost of attendance is around $30k.</p>

<p>Will I still be able to get the subsidized, unsubsidized loans as I did last year? Also, will I get the grant from school? (Not Pell Grant)</p>

<p>I am attending a public law school, fyi.</p>


<p>You will need to ask the law school about their awards. My guess is that you will still be able to take out Unsubsidized Stafford loans (I believe there are no longer subsidized ones for post bachelors work). </p>

<p>If your EFC is $40K and your cost of attendance is $30K...AND your grant is need based, the school will probably not renew it. BUT if it's merit based, they could. You need to ask them. Does this $30K cost of attendance include all costs (tuition/room/board/fees/books) or just tuition?</p>